Arts And Crafts Of Punjab

Punjab one of the famous states of India has a rich tradition of arts and crafts. We can see the reflection of the richness of land in its handicraft. Punjabis pay much importance to their artistry and their details work is famous all over the world. One can easily see their skill woven even into the carpets, daily dresses and footwear and all over the things. We can see the artistic creations of punjab in this entire world. Not only the men but the rural women of punjabis have a major contribution in this production. The mud work is famous rural practice in Punjab. It is also in trend the mud-plaster the walls of the house and then create motifs and they design the mudded walls. If we look at the another art form famous in punjab is Metal Work, utensils are usually made of metals and used in households. Toys of wood, pidhis, decorative boxes and peerians are made by carpenters of this state which are famous in North India. Embroidery work is another famous art work of punjabis. Phulkari the ritual dupatta of punjab is another popular art work. Following are the some handicrafts:

Basketry – An Ancient Handicraft:
Where it is the famous handicraft of punjab, it is also best employement source for the ladies of rural area since the primitive times. With prevailing trend the basketry is used as a decorative or showpieces in houses. It is made of thin grass straws. These types of straws are also used to weave the handfans, mats, carpets and rugs etc. Chaj the traditional name of basketry is useful household device made of sarkanda and used to sperate the unwanted stuff from the grains. Different items like cotton, buttons, threads and pins are kept in baskets of various colors and shapes.
Mud Works:
Punjabis are mastered in the arto of changing and molding the plain mud into incredible pieces of art. They are brilliant in the unique art of chowk poorna; plaster the walls of houses with mud then using their own creativity or imagination to develop the stunning designs that are the main attention point for general people. It is believed that using mud at the exterior walls ward off the evil spirits from the house. They used some symbols that bring properity, happiness and wealth.

Folk Toys Of Punjab:
People of punjab are also specialised in making folk toys which are unique in itselves. Carts made of Terracotta along with chankana type of ghungru and whistle are the famous folk toys of punjab. Furthermore rattlebox is also famous and loved by kids. Rather than clay other materials like cotton, thermocol and straw are used to make folk toys. Lattu is another popular folk toy of this state. Wheeled vehicles, equestrian, animals and birds are easily made by the punjabis. One can get these toys easiyl at the fairs of punjab they show the token of love for kids.

Punjabi Juttis:
Juttis are the traditional shoes of this state. Which are popular throughout the entire world for its intricate designs and patterns. They are embellished with multicolored kundans and stones for latest look. PThey are perfectly shaped and structured to give a soothing walking experience to the people.

Punjabi Paranda:
It is another traditional handicraft of punjab but also famous all over the world. Women used to worn this at their long hair. Parandis are available in different styles and patterns. These are generally matched with the colors of traditional dress of punjab salwar kameez. It is made of two parts upper part is weaving with the lengthy woollen threads and lower part is the decorated element of prandis that give stunning look to it.

Phulkari is the combination of two words Phul means flower and Kari means craft and work so the flower work on the attire is called phulkari. It is a art form which is popular not only india but all over the world and made of silk threads and intricately woven with skillful works. It gives outstanding look while dressing up for the special occasions such as marriages, festivals, fairs and special gatherings. Red color phulkari is used to symbolize the passion, green color is used to express fertility and abundance where golden and yellow phulkari is used to show the desire and white is the symbol of purity and blue is signaled the serenity and symbol of calmness and orange is used to symbolized the divine energy.

Embroidery and Weaving:
It is one of the most treasured traditions of India and punjab. It is traditional art form of Punjab in which fabric is embellished with special needles and with bright thread colors to give distinct look to the fabric. For special occasions like wedding, parties and special gathering the embroidered punjabi salwar suits are the most demanding these days. Weaving is also done on shawls, shirts, salwars and even on bedsheets or pillow covers as well. Punjabi juttis are also embroidered with thread.

Durries, woodwork and paintings are another form of art work famous in punjab.

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