Online Shopping Network in Asia

Online shopping network is the group of ecommerce websites which gives platform to buyer and seller come forward for sale & purchase of products. It is also known as E-retail business. It can be use through internet over the worldwide network with Electronic devices such as Computer, Laptops & Mobile phones.

It is founded by Michael Aldrich in 1979 and it takes popularity after 1995 when people got proper trust on e-shopping. After 2000, many websites are launched such as Wahfashion, Snap deal, E-bay, flip kart etc. These deal in type of


List of Ranking of E-shopping clothing Sites 2016


a) Wahfashion.Com:- Wahfashion is the 1st rank gained site in Asia which deals in men, women & kids wear & accessories. Their main Focus on ladies wear such as embroidery designs suits, Punjabi suits, lehenga. It’s publicity increase by day by day with word of mouth. It deals in own brands having reet glamour, mancruise & many other brands. Customers are more satisfied with its service because it has well qualified team with quick service. This website gives discount offer to every customer with promised quality. Comparison of other websites which deals in e-clothing portal, this is cheaper than other because it gives better product in cheapest price with fast service. On the basis of customer review it got 10/10 stars in April 2016. Customers praise them, because there main to satisfy customer wants than earning maximum profit.

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b)  Snap deal is 2nd rank gained site in Asia which deals in all types of accessories. It has large share in e- market after the wahfashion shopping site. It started in 2010 and provides platform to seller for sell the product worldwide. It provides quick & quality service to customer with cheap price.

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c) It has 3rd rank after the wahfashion & snap deal in Asia e-shopping websites. It also deal in all type of accessories related to men women. It is founded in 2007 by Indian entrepreneur. Now, Flipkart launched own brand products such as laptop, mobile phones, USB etc. In Brand consciousness, Wahfashion & flipkart has good place.


d) It has 4th rank in online clothing shopping website. It deals in fashion accessories. It has comfort template design of website so that customer can easily find out every product with own choice.


e)  It has 5th rank in online clothing shopping websites. It provides all stuffs clothes to the customers. Customers are satisfied with their service.

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f)  Amazon has 6th rank because it has more products in electronic devices then the wear accessories. Its best policy that customer can return product easily if he/she is not satisfy with quality of product.

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g)  kooves has 7th rank in online fashion accessories. It provides products such as ladies wear, gents wear, bags, ornaments etc. It’s a largest fashion store in India but deals across the world.

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h)  Yepme has 8th rank in fashion products. Its user increasing and will take position in top 10 sites. It is founded by India entrepreneur but have share in worldwide market.

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i)  It has 9th rank in online fashion. It also provides product related to recent trend of market such as bags, women products, men products etc.

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j)  Myntra has 10th rank in top websites. it provides all kinds of products related to electronic devices, mobile phones, home decoration products & more others.

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