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Since business economics is thought of as applied microeconomics, the scope of business economics includes i. Long run planning decisions of a firm that stu.s capital budgeting and capital management. Managerial economics now includes operations research a mathematical technique to solve business problems..Business Economics covers most of the problems that a manager or an establishment faces. Hence, the scope of business economics is wide. In this article, we .Anyway, business economics is concerned with decision making and forward planning. The scope of business economics both micro and macro variety is a wider one since it “uses the logic of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics to provide effective ways of thinking about business decision problems.”.Business Economics Meaning, Nature, Scope and significance. Introduction and meaning Author Dr. M.S. Khanchi . Business Economics, also called .Business economics is a field in applied economics which uses economic theory and One view of the distinctions between these would be that business economics is wider in its scope than industrial economics in that it would be concerned .Extended Areas and Scope of Business Economics are .yzing Demand and Forecasting . Production and Costysis . Inventory Management ..Scope of Business Ethics Business Economics is comparatively a new discipline. It is a special branch of Economics applied in business decision making..

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